Thursday, October 16, 2008

Throwback Thursday's!

I see a lot of bloggers doing a Flashback Friday, and maybe I should to, but......I wanted to do something different so I decided on Throwback Thursday's!!

These pics are basically to remind ME that my little Lo has been surgery free for almost exactly 2 years now!! She had 5 huge surgeries within the 1st 2.5 years of her life! The first pic was from a Shunt Revision surgery on Sept. 20th 2006, she was also Septic....very scary...we honestly thought we were going to lose her she was so bad....

Here days after her 2nd Shunt Revision Surgery(Her 2nd one was exactly to the day 1 month after her first!!) Isn't she just adorable with her crane cap on!?! And such a trooper to push her "bigger" twin around!

And just to show you how quick kids bounce back....this is about 12 days after her 2nd Shunt revision, and she was "back in the saddle again"

Hope it wasn't too depressing for ya!! It makes me happy to see these photo's and know how far she has come, and how far she will still go!!!! Love ya Lo!!!

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Meaghan said...

Loving the pictures !