Friday, October 30, 2009

Because I finally found my camera cord...

Yep, just like my title I finally found my lost camera cord so I uploaded a ton of pics off my camera! Tonight is my little towns' trick or treat night, and tomorrow we are going to another town to hang out with friends and go trick or treating there also!! So I will be posting some costume pics in a couple of days!! My girls are very excited to wear theirs!! I always let them choose and they have changed their minds a million times!! The finally decided to be Cinderella, Sleeping beauty, and Omi is Snow White! Which is awesome because I REFUSE to pay money for costumes!! I mean seriously it's 1 night, and to me it's ridiculous!!! When at the store I see them selling costumes for 29.95, I about flip!!! I am proud to say that total for all 3 of my girls stuff it was 15.00...The girls already had the dress up clothes so that was AWESOME!!! Pics to come of my beauties....
So here are some pics to show what we have been doing lately!!

We went to an OSU game....

We had a tea party when we were sick...

We watched movies on the computer...

We tried to enjoy Indian summer even though we had the flu...

I think only 1 of my children felt good during these nice days..I'm glad they are finally over it!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Today was a long day

Woke at 8
Out of the house at 8:50
Drove 2 hrs to Cbus Children's
10:50-CT for Logan
11:20-Sign in at Neurosurgeon's office for follow up
12:20-Starting to get hungry, and my fever is back
1:00-Kids getting stir crazy
1:20-Get a beeper(like at a restaurant) so we can finally go get lunch!
1:45-Got our tray with our food, sat down, opened my diet cherry coke(that I was drooling over), and our buzzer lit up:(
1:55-I took 2 of our kids, Omi stayed with daddy so she could eat, upstairs to the office where we waited
2:00-why did they beep us? We are still waiting...
2:10-finally back in the room!
2:30-still waiting to see the Doc!!
2:31- Dr.K comes and says all is great! See ya in a couple months!
2:32-We head back down to FINALLY eat lunch!!
3:00-left for home
5:00 after a couple of stops..i.e Target...we stop to eat(we are TOTAL drive thru folks!!!)
7:30-home!!! Give kids meds(Logan is running a temp AGAIN!!) Give me meds, jammies, skype with my sis
8:45-kiddies in bed! Time to sit and rest, otherwise I am not getting over this flu thing!! It STINKS!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Weddings and Marriage....

*Disclaimer...this post is not me bragging...Just some random thoughts brought up recently....
A pic from that "other" wedding..

We recently were invited to attend a wedding that will take place near my husband's hometown. It is this coming weekend. I can freely admit that I love weddings! I love watching 2 people in love sharing their special union with the ones they love. I love the food, the dancing, the cake!! Now I don't know the people getting married that well. I know the groom cause my hubby used to work with him, and he is the brother of a gal/couple that we are friends with. But recently we went to another wedding....Neither one of us wanted to go to it,(it was far away, and it came at a time when there were other things we wanted to do)....but we did cause Cory was an Usher...that was in August...well now we are hearing that they are already getting divorced because she cheated on's just sad. I don't think people take marriage seriously anymore. I don't know about you, but when I made my vows before God and my husband, I promised both of them that I was in it for life! Obviously I believe that there are reasons for divorce. Like abuse...physical, mental, emotional, unfaithfulness(even though some strong folks can work through this if they really work hard.

I honestly believe that my husband and I have the best marriage out of all the married people I know. It is hard work everyday! But anyone can have that..if they WORK at it. My husband would give up anything to be with his family. But I also know that he needs time to be a guy, and hang with other men. I do not want to be the wife that keeps their husband locked up with her ALL the time! I do admit that I have been that person in the past, but am working to NOT be that wife anymore!! Also us wives have to know that our husbands, not us, are the leaders in our homes. We need to trust THEIR judgement when it comes to knowing what is good for the family. I have always said that I would move anywhere with Cory, if he truly thought that it was best for us.(In fact we have moved 5 times in our 7 years of marriage)! I didn't want to move a couple of those times, but it ended up best for us! It says in the Bible "But I want you to understand that Christ is the head of every man, and the man is the head of a woman, and God is the head of Christ. " 1 Cor 11:3.

I am the mushy wife who calls her hubby lots everyday! I just want him to know that I love him. And believe me, I know how lucky I am. We have been through so much together, and I often say that Cory "saved me" when we met. I could go on and on about this, but I think we need to listen to our husbands needs more often as wives. I am trying to think of new ways everyday to be a "submissive wife", and give more to my husband. We are doing a Bible study together, and Financial Peace University. Those 2 things alone give us more time together learning more about what God wants for us, and about the Godly relationship we need to strive to have. I also love the Internet..if you really know me, you already know that, but I recently heard from a friend that some people are online for like 8 hours a day!! Can you imagine? When I heard that I instantly cut back on my online time. Yes I do work online for my business Blue Bug Shoes, but now I have more time for my husband and children. I am feeling quite guilty doing this post right now cause I am not using this time for my children.(But in my defense I do have the

that "other" wedding was beautiful!!
~ Is their something you do with your husband that could also help me?..(totally looking for non sexual answers here...lolololol)
~ Is their a recent couples devotional that you love?
~ You can totally use this time to brag on your hubby(significant other, wife) if you so choose!!

Ok, so that was just a random rant that has been going through my mind!......

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tough Love....

It has been tough love here at our house. Little Naomi is 16 months now(whew it's going by quick) and she is into EVERYTHING!!!!! She still is such a sweety, just a little ornry too! Lately it has been 1 thing....the dirt in the plant. She loves taking handfuls of dirt from this huge plant that my mom just brought inside since it's getting cooler. I send her to the corner, and she comes back and does it again! Now some of you may say "well move the plant!" Well I am just not that mama! I don't take obsticles out of my children's way...they need to learn to not touch certain things!! But this little girl is stubborn just like her big sis Bug! I know she will get it, I just hope it's sooner rather than later(or I might be buying a bag of potting soil...)

Here is a pic of her(being a sweety) with her Gigi(great grandma)! She can be so cuddly and cute!
I am trying my best to raise my daughters to be most importantly, Godly women, and in turn when that happens then I have no worries! I do not worry about being a "good mommy", my kids do not get everything they want, nor do we take them lots of places...I think that by letting them just play and be creative and get to be "kids" everything will work out well. We have had a lot of issues with Bug. She doesn't want to go to church(even though she loves it) but I take her in there kicking and screaming(literally). It is very hard for me, but I can't let her think that she runs the show.
Ok, so I rambled a lot there just a minute ago....Do you have tough love at your house? Is there a great parenting tip you would to share? Are you have a rough time with one of your kiddies? Maybe we can help each other!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Here Piggy Piggy...

Last week was our county fair(which I look forward to all year...mmm...all that yummy food...)

This year Naomi was old enough to actually care about the animals, and the rides(last year she was 3 months...) She loved the rides!! She screamed when she had to get off of them, and screamed when she saw them(cause she wanted ON them)...She is also our first child to NOT be afraid of the animals!! She did really well! She especially loved this little wooden piggy..she would just touch it and was too too cute!!



Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Walk to Remember...

Oh, I love that movie...I mean come on if you are a chic and you haven't seen that "flick" then you should be ashamed...Go rent it!! I love it!..But this isn't about the movie, or Mandy Moore...
It's about the walk that we(my family) participated in last weekend...ok, well maybe it was the 26th, not LAST weekend so anyway.. We participated in the 9th Annual Spina Bifida Walk and Roll! It is a way that we raise money for our local SB chapter. We have started to get involved in the young families support group and it is so nice getting to know families who actually understand the things our children are going through and us as parents as well. If you don't know, my daughter Lo was born with Myelomeningocele, the severest form of SB(there are 3 types) So it is very important to us to help other families dealing with this life, and also get help ourselves. Anywho...SO this is our big fundraiser and all the money goes to our local chapter and supports our kids. It helps fund camps and many other things!!

I had a goal to raise 1k for our 1st year participating, and I almost did it! I think we raised 980.00! I was very pleased!! It was actually amazing to see the generosity of so many folks! My hubby's work really came through with a lot of the money! It's funny while you are doing one of these things, I find that people with no money to give, are the ones doing the giving...kind of says something about people and our humanity!
They day was a little drizzly and humid! Logan did awesome!! She probably walked about a mile in her walker. It was so cute too, when she got tired she would sit on the back of her walker and Bug would push her...

Afterwards there was a little carnival that the girls enjoyed, and some cotton candy as well!! We were all pooped after it was all said and done. But we raised a total of 80k!!! That's 10k more than last year!!! I think that I will not be doing the March of Dimes walk anymore, and just start focusing on this one!!! So thanks to all our supporters!! We love you all and appreciate your love, kindness, and support!!

There are so many things for us to be involved you donate(you know give of yourself, and not EXPECT anything in return) your time? If so, I would love to hear about it!! Maybe we can raise awareness for different causes! I know that not too many people are familiar with SB, even though it is the #1 birth defect!!!