Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Girlies!

Happy 4th Birthday my sweet babes....

Today is Bug and Logo's 4th birthday!! They are growing up sooooo fast! I cannot believe they are 4! Three to me is still kind of babyish, now they are 4 and it's like the are big girls now :(

Bug was so small...when we left the hospital she weighed 4'13 I love this pic of her!

This is by far one of my faves of Logo....she was just looking at me with those big doe eyes right from birth! I was amazed!!

I don't really like to think about when the girls were was such a crazy day, I only got to see Logo for 5 minutes, they took her to Children's right after she was born. We knew when I was 17 weeks pregnant that she had Spina Bifida. Cory and I were separated after they were born. He went with Logo, and I stayed in the hospital with Bug....The first time I got to see and hold Logo was 2 days after her birth! Needless to say I bawled. She had already had a major surgery and I couldn't be there for her!! It was not a good experience! But now they are 4, and that is just a memory...

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Throwback Thursday part 1

This was the girls' 2nd birthday! We took them to their first movie(we saw Open Season) They loved it!!

Bug had attitude all day! I think she was just overwhelmed!

Lo was happy all day! She is just amazing!

They had a Backyardigan birthday party!

I will not pay 40.00 for a cake anymore! This cake was expensive and it wasn't even good! I now make their cakes..(from a mix..(grin)) They are way better and cheaper too!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Two for Tuesday!

Little Lo got new braces!! The old braces didn't match and she was growing out of them. She has an AFO(ankle foot orthotic) on 1 leg and a KAFO(knee....) on the other! She is excited cause they are both blue w/ butterflies and blue is her favorite obsession, I mean color!! So here she is showing them off!

Here is a great, yummy, healthy recipe for you to try!!

Mediterranean Chicken w/Couscous!

3-4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts

bunch of green onions

red bell pepper

garlic powder

red wine vinegar

box of couscous
Ok, so I don't cook this using measurements, so bear with me....
!st, boil the chicken in water till cooked...
While that is cooking, dice green onions, and pepper and put in a microwaveable bowl. Put a couple shakes of garlic powder and red wine vinegar on top. Cover with plastic wrap and micro for about 4 minutes or until soft. Set box of couscous up to cook as directed on box, I like to buy the Parmesan kind:) When chicken is done and diced and couscous is done put them in bowl with cooked veggies....mix them all together and shake on some more red wine vinegar...micro for another couple minutes and enjoy. We like to make some steamed broccoli to eat with it, and I end up mixing it all up!! It's very good!!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday Random Picture Challenge 3.0

I am takig part in 4 Little Men's Saturday bloggy carnival! Today's random pic comes from My August 2007 photo file the 30th picture! (hope it's a good one)

This pic was taken at our friends' parents house. They had come in for a visit from North Carolina, so we went to see them. They had a new baby in July! There are 4 different families that are friends and these are our kids...actually at the time of this pic 2 kids are missing(but they were both newborns...From L-R Grace(my girls' best friend) Bug, Cole, and Lo..

We all had kids at the same time..Grace was born 1st, 2 weeks later came Cole, then 2 weeks later came my two! Cole's brother, and Grace's brother are also 1 month apart...(I didn't take part in that one(grin) I already had 2)

If you want to see more people who play along, go here

Friday, January 23, 2009

Yeah it's Friday!!

My hubby has a 4 day weekend which is awesome cause we soooo need to get some major cleaning and packing done!! My "to do" list looks like Santa's naughty list!! But...unfortunately he came home from work today with his back hurting....go figure!! This is the 3rd time this has happened and he's not yet 30!! So hopefully he will start feeling better soon.
My Omi girl is now 7 months!! I cannot believe it! Soon we will be celebrating her 1st birthday..I hope it goes by slowly...

She has such a personality! She is my little sunshine baby......She is always smiling and happy! She has a double ear infection right now, and she was so uncomfortable a couple days ago, but now she's back to herself again! She wants to play with her older sisters so much, she leans down like she will just run away if I let her down! She is such a joy and a blessing to me!

Here she is playing in the pack and play...

I actually took this pic while I was driving...she had just woken up and was looking for me out her carseat!

And here she is looking like a turtle! She looks so cute in that hat, but then again so did her sisters!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Throwback Thursday-part 1

This was taken on the girls' 2nd birthday! Cory and I took them to see their first movie(Open Season) They loved it!!

They had a Backyardigans birthday party! They wore pink tutu's(they are wearing one for this birthday too, I made them each a pretty one yesterday)

Bug had some attitude that day!! She didn't even open any gifts! She opened a toy and played with it the whole time!

Lo is AMAZING!!! She amazes me everyday with her strength!

I paid like 40.00 for this cake, and honestly is wasn't that good...I starting making my own the next year, they are just better and a whole lot cheaper!!

Throwback Thursday!!

Since the girls' 4Th birthday is next Friday I thought I'd post some pics from their 1st Birthday party!! I honestly feel like it was last year! They have grown so quick!

Lo is on the left and Bug is on the right!

Here is Lo enjoying her cake! She was hesitant at first, as you can see she got over that!

Bug dove into hers from the start! She was eating it so quick, as to think I would take it away from her.....she was shovin it in!!

This is how they spent their "actual" birthday My nephew Ethan went to the ER at children's...he had some weird virus where he had hives on his feet and tongue! They enjoyed playing dinosaurs!

I wish they would stay little forever! I am very sad to see them growing up! They are my 1st, and will always be my babies...I wish I could slow time down...just a little...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wordless Wednesday...

Winter is good for sleeping.....

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Flashback Friday!

It was Sunday.

I had been on bed rest for 7 weeks.

I wanted to go to church.

I went cause the twins were to be delivered on the 2ND of February.

This was the 30Th of January.

I went to MIL's after.

I ate lots of pizza.

My water broke on her bathroom floor.

Hubby freaked.

I wanted clean, dry pants.

Drove to hospital(about an hour away).

Had some babies.

I was sick.

Pizza before surgery is never a good idea.

This was the result.

Bug is on the left she was 5lbs 3 oz. and Little Lo on the right at 5lbs 80z's...

They will be 4 on the 30Th!!

Love ya girlies!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Two for Tuesday!

So today is tuesday so I thought I would do a quick post and a recipe (two things :P)

Little Lo didn't end up having her surgery yesterday, although we thank everyone for all their prayers! She was sick as was my hubby, who was to stay overnight with her in the hospital....we rescheduled it for Feb.20th!
Also, Omers had her well baby today and she is a healthy 17.3 lbs, 27 inches long!! Besides the sniffles and a cough she is doing well! I totally thought she would weigh more since at 7 months she still eats every 2 hours!!! It's no wonder I'm exhausted, I'm living the life of a dairy cow!!

Ok so now on to the recipe! I used to be afraid of new foods....I made this after I had my twins, and it has become one of our favorite family foods! It is a way to get your kids to eat their greens!!

Try it, but note that the color it comes out is a slime green color!!

Broccoli Pesto Linguine
1 cup boiling water

2 bouillon cubes or 2 teaspoons chicken flavored soup base or granules.

1 (10-ounce) package frozen chopped broccoli, prepared according to package directions, drained

1/3 cup freshly grated Romano or Parmesan cheese

1/2 cup fresh basil leaves

2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

1/2 teaspoon minced garlic

1 (9-ounce) package BUITONI® Linguine

4 fresh basil leaves for garnish (optional)
Combine water and bouillon in small bowl; stir to dissolve. Place bouillon mixture, broccoli, cheese, basil, oil and garlic in food processor or blender; cover. Process until smooth to form pesto.
*Prepare pasta according to package directions; drain. Toss pesto with pasta. Season with ground black pepper. Garnish with basil leaves.
Makes 4 servings.

*-I think one of the main things is to really salt your pasta water! It really makes for better flavored pasta-I just use the boxed kind....and I also add extra garlic! Yummy!!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Little Lo's surgery/ Run in with the "fake law"

First things first...Little Lo is supposed to have surgery in the morning(well I guess here it is morning 12:22) I'm not sure if it's going to happen or not being that she has a horrible cough, and my hubby has the stomach flu...we've been passing that one around, luckily it's only a 6 hour bug, so hopefully he will be better by morning! If she has the surgery, which by the way, she is getting her tonsils/adenoids out, it will be at 10:10 in the I had better get this post done and into bed...Say a prayer for her! This will be her 6th surgery and she's not even 4 yet!!

Run in with the "fake"law....(part 1)

Ok, so I twittered a little about this on Friday, so here is the whole story....This is one of those stories that you get in an email about women being safe, except for me it isn't a STORY, it's real, and it has scared the daylights out of if you need to pass this blog on I think that might be a good idea!

Ok, so on December 22nd, the Monday before Christmas, we were out doing some last minute Christmasy things...we were out too late...the kids slept in the car most of the evening, but let me tell ya I'm ashamed to say that we didn't get them home till around 12:30...a.m....I know I know..... but anyway, the last stop was to Walmart...I was looking for a last minute gift for my Hun, I knew what I wanted to get in the store, so he kicked back the passenger seat and dozed off like the kids were..I came out of the store and got in to drive home. I pulled out of Walmart and turned right, as soon as I turned a car flashed their brights at me to turn my lights on..I forgot to turn them on cause the car was running while I was in the store and the parking lights were on and I just didn't think about I got to the light a minute later and I turned right on red(it was a legal turn) pretty much as soon as I turned, there were flashing lights behind me...I pulled over and was a little upset cause I didn't do anything wrong, and my hubby agreed(he is in law enforcement) So Cory put his seat upright and the cop came around to his side instead of mine. He wasn't wearing a uniform, just a coat with a dress shirt and a tie, and a toboggan...he said something about how I didn't turn my headlights on, and I told him about Walmart and how I forgot...and to that he asked for my license and registration, I thought you have to be kidding me....he then again said something about how I didn't turn my lights on till I saw him turn around behind me.....1st of all I didn't realize it was him who flashed his brights at me, second of all I explained AGAIN, how I did it right when he flashed me..then Naomi started crying and he said well okay get that baby home and out of the cold...So we left....and we thought it was weird...

The next day the hubs told the guys in the office about it, and the one guy knows alot of cops in the town this happened in and didn't think they had an undercover unit(did I mention that the car was unmarked) so Cory called the sheriff and filed a report.........Stay tuned to find out what happened next....
Soooo for the rest of the the beginning of the week, the sheriff called my hubs and said he would like for us to come in and look at some pics of some people for the we went on Friday. I was really nervous. They separated us, so we wouldn't influence each others thoughts. He went first. When the detective came in to see me he gave me 6 photo's which I looked at a lot. I picked 1 out in particular and told him that I wasn't saying that it was def. the guy but it looked like I remembered he looked. He then told me that I picked out their suspect, and my hubby picked out the same guy. Which made me feel alot better! Then he showed me something else. He showed me 2 photo's from Walamrt security of the guy walking in the store and him purchasing something. And the kicker is this...he was in their at the time I was in their! Which is totally scary...we aren't sure if he saw me and picked me out, or if it's a totally cowinky dink.....Anywho, they have enough to charge him thanks to us, and I hope he gets some jail time(doubtful though) I'm just glad that we are moving away from here in about a month so I can feel a little safer!! So that's my crazy never know when something can happen even when you think "it can't happen to you" so carry some Mace and a knife!! And please pass this on to other women, maybe we can all learn something from it!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My day in pictures

Here is my day today in pictures! Enjoy!

I'm already late!


Get the kids in the car, and off we go....But first a pit stop...

I hate this parking garage...

Run around children's for Logan's check up, she gets her tonsils and adnoids out on Monday!

Drive home in the's about time winter happened in Ohio!

Nap time!

Broccoli Pesto Linguine tonight!

Family Time!

Bed Time!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Scripture Sunday!

This morning as I was sitting in church the minister started talking about a particular bible verse that is important to me 1 Peter 1:6-7 which says 6"In this you greatly rejoice, though now for a little while you may have had to suffer grief in all kinds of trials. 7These have come so that your faith—of greater worth than gold, which perishes even though refined by fire—may be proved genuine and may result in praise, glory and honor when Jesus Christ is revealed." Whenever I am having a rough go of it, and I am like "why God" I always come back to this verse and it gives me a sense of peace......well a little bit into the sermon the minister talked of another verse 2 Corinthians 1:3-4 which says "3Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, 4who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God." Ok, I totally love this verse! I am always saying that I am an open book, alot of people I know are private people...I am just not that way. I have been though some things in my life(some of which I won't mention, cause you don't have 5 days to read this blog..) but things like infertility problems, miscarriage, twins, and having a child with a disability...they have been rough but I'm still standing. I believe that this is all due to my incredible faith and love for God. And I am always thinking that maybe something I have gone though, someone else may be going through, and I can help them! So this morning was a wonderful morning to be sitting in that service!

Is there anyone that you know of going through something you yourself have gone though? Maybe you can comfort them through the comfort we get through HIM

Friday, January 2, 2009

Friday Flashback!!

This was taken on New Years Eve in 2004! I was about to pop out my twins! Amazingly I only gained 33lbs(11 of which was babies) I don't remember what I was pointing out, probably just another stretch mark! I think my belly got alot bigger in just another month cause had them on January 30th, an I was way bigger!! Looking back on this pic makes me remember how painful a strecthed out belly feels!! But always worth it!!


Happy New year!

WOW, is all I can say! I cannot believe that it is now 2009!! This year flew by. I was pregnant for the first half of the year, and now my baby is almost 7 months! We have so much going on right now with us moving soon, and also my babies turn 4 at the end of the month!! Now THAT is crazyness!! I hope I have time for joking, OF COURSE I will!!!

On a side note my friend Lacie at Peanut Butter and Pickles does some really great reviews, and she has a lot of giveaways too! The current review features my little one Naomi so go and check out some cute pics of her! Oh, and check out her reviews too :)