Friday, October 10, 2008

Shoes, Shoes, and well......hhmm.....

I am all woman when it comes to things like clothes, purses, and SHOES. In fact I am a blessed girl when it comes to shoes. I totally have the hook up at getting free shoes. Of course they are used....(well not really, I know a woman who gets rid of tons of shoes that some..well most have never even been worn before) so I have a million pairs of shoes!! 3 year old little girl Logan will not be so lucky....This is a current frustration for me. There are so many cute shoes for little girls out there right now! You can have your pick at pretty much anything you can imagine!! But what about kids that have fat feet?? Or older kids with tiny feet?? I think the shoe people need to get together and do some new things! My little Logan wears AFO's which are braces(Ankle Foot Orthotics). She does not have that many choices of shoes to wear. In fact when she wants to wear something dressy, she has to wear gym shoes. It's not cause there aren't shoes out there, it's just hard to find them! Just about all dress shoes are very narrow, and alot of them are Mary Jane style. Those will not work! We need wide shoes!! I want my little princess to have choices, and not ugly ones!! So this is just what I am stressing about today! It's always something, that's just life!

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