Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tough Love....

It has been tough love here at our house. Little Naomi is 16 months now(whew it's going by quick) and she is into EVERYTHING!!!!! She still is such a sweety, just a little ornry too! Lately it has been 1 thing....the dirt in the plant. She loves taking handfuls of dirt from this huge plant that my mom just brought inside since it's getting cooler. I send her to the corner, and she comes back and does it again! Now some of you may say "well move the plant!" Well I am just not that mama! I don't take obsticles out of my children's way...they need to learn to not touch certain things!! But this little girl is stubborn just like her big sis Bug! I know she will get it, I just hope it's sooner rather than later(or I might be buying a bag of potting soil...)

Here is a pic of her(being a sweety) with her Gigi(great grandma)! She can be so cuddly and cute!
I am trying my best to raise my daughters to be most importantly, Godly women, and in turn when that happens then I have no worries! I do not worry about being a "good mommy", my kids do not get everything they want, nor do we take them lots of places...I think that by letting them just play and be creative and get to be "kids" everything will work out well. We have had a lot of issues with Bug. She doesn't want to go to church(even though she loves it) but I take her in there kicking and screaming(literally). It is very hard for me, but I can't let her think that she runs the show.
Ok, so I rambled a lot there just a minute ago....Do you have tough love at your house? Is there a great parenting tip you would to share? Are you have a rough time with one of your kiddies? Maybe we can help each other!!


Cortney @ said...

I am all for tough love!! I completely agree with you, I don't move things out of their ways b/c they need to learn what's acceptable and what not : ).
Seriously you may want to read some of Dr. Leman's books because I think he has a great approach to "reality consequences". As I posted before, I don't think my kids are out of control by any means, but there are always things that can be worked on.
Because same as you, first and foremost I want my boys to grow to be Godly men. It's tough, but hey, God is tough on us sometimes when we don't listen, so I believe that we need to be tough on our kids when they are learning to obey.
Side note, we call Great Grandma, GiGi too : )

Susan said...

I think I struggle in some way with each one of my kids with different issues. The biggest thing I try to do is be consistent and follow through with what I say. Not make idle threats about consequences - it is easier said than done sometimes, but I try.

I also agree with not moving things out of the way. We never did that with our kids. They just had to learn not to touch. And it wasn't just at home. They had to learn what they could and couldn't do at other people's houses or out in public.

Parenting is not easy and with the goal of Godly men and women, makes our job even harder. But I'm sure the reward will be worth it in the end. Hang in there - you definitely are not alone!