Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Today was a long day

Woke at 8
Out of the house at 8:50
Drove 2 hrs to Cbus Children's
10:50-CT for Logan
11:20-Sign in at Neurosurgeon's office for follow up
12:20-Starting to get hungry, and my fever is back
1:00-Kids getting stir crazy
1:20-Get a beeper(like at a restaurant) so we can finally go get lunch!
1:45-Got our tray with our food, sat down, opened my diet cherry coke(that I was drooling over), and our buzzer lit up:(
1:55-I took 2 of our kids, Omi stayed with daddy so she could eat, upstairs to the office where we waited
2:00-why did they beep us? We are still waiting...
2:10-finally back in the room!
2:30-still waiting to see the Doc!!
2:31- Dr.K comes and says all is great! See ya in a couple months!
2:32-We head back down to FINALLY eat lunch!!
3:00-left for home
5:00 after a couple of stops..i.e Target...we stop to eat(we are TOTAL drive thru folks!!!)
7:30-home!!! Give kids meds(Logan is running a temp AGAIN!!) Give me meds, jammies, skype with my sis
8:45-kiddies in bed! Time to sit and rest, otherwise I am not getting over this flu thing!! It STINKS!!


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Cortney @ evanhaslanded.com said...

Sorry to hear about the long day!! Hope you start feeling better soon! Take the day off tomorrow : )!