Saturday, October 10, 2009

Here Piggy Piggy...

Last week was our county fair(which I look forward to all year...mmm...all that yummy food...)

This year Naomi was old enough to actually care about the animals, and the rides(last year she was 3 months...) She loved the rides!! She screamed when she had to get off of them, and screamed when she saw them(cause she wanted ON them)...She is also our first child to NOT be afraid of the animals!! She did really well! She especially loved this little wooden piggy..she would just touch it and was too too cute!!



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Cortney @ said...

Girl, I have a story for you about Evan riding rides, but I won't leave it here on a comment :-). I love fairs, mainly just for the food!! Oh yeah, I guess it's worth going for the kids too - ha ha!