Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Weekend in Review

We had another wonderful weekend together! But they are always too short! Friday was spent with me still being sick, but on the mend. We were supposed to go to my moms for the weekend, but since I had been sick I decided that I didn't want to chance spreading the sick love to any family members! SO we stayed home! I got Naomi's 6 month pics taken, and my girls stayed the night at my sister's house! Cory and I thought we would get a great night of uninterrupted sleep, but HA, Naomi didn't sleep all that well...go figure! So Saturday we did a little Christmas shopping and then, drove down to pick up the kids. Later that evening we went with my sister, my 2 nephews, and my bro-in law to a lodge to visit Santa! It was all lit up so beautifully, and it was really neat. Kayli cried when it was time to see Santa cause "she's scared" This is my sis holding a screaming bug while I snapped a quick pic On Sunday we spent a wonderful day at home in our jammies! We cleaned up, made cookies, and Cory's granny came over for a visit! It was a great weekend! I am feeling much better, I am over the FLU, my eye is almost better....I have a little bit of blurry vision, and it's more annoying than anything We have a busy week this week! Lo has to go have one of her braces fixed, and she gets casted for a new one for her other leg. She also has a sleep study on Saturday night at Children's! Daddy will be staying with her! Have a great week!! Oh, and someone loves PRUNES!!!!