Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Who is your "Everyday Superhero"

So I haven't blogged since Monday and maybe that's why I've been down lately....or it could be that my baby will be 5 months on Saturday, and she is teething. To me that means that she is not so much of an "infant" anymore...and that really makes me sad.....

Ok, on to my long weekend....I never really did a weekend review. I had such a neat weekend, that I can't imagine NOT sharing it with you...(whoever YOU are)......

So I went to this conference this past Saturday called Speaking of Womens can find more info
here. It is this 1 day conference for women only(no kids) about our health as women, body, soul and mind....

The theme of the conference was "Everyday Heroes", which they were talking about the people we go to(women) for support, laughter, or just to vent. I went to it with 3 of my everyday mom, and my 2 sisters. We had a ball! We stayed Friday night at a hotel in dayton cause it started early on Saturday.....oh what fun and no sleep we had! If you knew my sisters you would know that there was craziness! I even had nude pics taken of me while I was in the shower...thanks again Em....don't worry they were erased!! In the pic below: my sista's Emily on left and Liz on the right.. I'm the middle child :(

So at the conference there were a couple key note speakers who were great, and there were breakout sessions, a lunch, free health screenings, and lots of free goodies!! I had a face screening done where I stuck my face in the booth under these lights....I could see where I had oil on my face, and any sun spots....and so on.....I had a heart disease screening thing, eye exam, blood pressue(which was high :( )...very informative!

I also took a Zumba class! It is latin dancing and it was AWESOME! I am going to be purchasing the dvd tonight!!

The freebies are worth going for! I got so much stuff! And I'm not talking samples, I'm talking about full size face stuff from Loreal, Garnier, pads, tp, etc.....even a 10.00 gift card to walmart!!!

So you have to check it out and bring the important women in your life!!! And remember...Get's good for ya!!!

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Jan said...

That sounds like a great conference. What a nice experience to share with your mom and sisters!