Sunday, November 23, 2008

Busy Weekend!!!

This weekend was fun! On Friday night my girls had their friend Grace over for a sleepover! We rented The Tinkerbell Movie and Ariel's New beginning for them. The tinkerbell movie was really cute and they really liked it....which is good cause they are getting it for Christmas!! We ordered pizza, made cookies, painted, and just let them have fun together!! My girls really had a good time! They love Grace and have known each other since technically before birth!! If we move south, they are really going to miss her....

Saturday was a BIG day! It was the Buckeyes big rivalry against that team up north-Michigan..Cory has taught Lo to say that Michigan is Evil...too cute!! And we won big 42-7!! A nice way to end the season(and we are sharing the Big Ten title with Penn State) SO we went to the bro in laws house for a get together! My mom even made the 2.5 hour drive up to visit which was really nice! After the game we got some shopping in, and then mom took the girls back to our house so Cory and I could actually get some time together...HA...well kind of, we had Naomi too!! Remember....where the boobs go, so does I have said before...Cory and I never get any time together, so even a little minus 2 of our children is a nice break!!

Today..(I'm typing this on Sunday evening) was a lazy day..Cory had to work...of course...but mom was here....we just sat around and enjoyed "mamaw" being here! We played Princess Memory, and had a great lunch...I cooked a yummy(if I don't say so myself) pork roast, and mom made me homemade sweet potaotes....hers are my fave, and I soooo loved them!!

After Cory came home we played Monopoly with the girls(yeah I know they are only 3, but they wanted too!) they had a ball!! They love games!!! All my babies are snug in their beds, and I hope to be going that way soon!! I finally got Zumba, so I will be waking up early to start my workout!!! Have a good week!!!!

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My2Gs said...

That's a great picture of you guys! Looks like a Christmas Card picture to me :)