Sunday, March 1, 2009

It's been too long!!

Wow, it's been over a week since I have blogged! It doesn't feel good :( But I have been so consumed with the things around me lately...

(she missed her sis)
Last Friday Logan went in for a simple tonsil and adenoid removal, she was to stay just 1 night because of her medical history......

(yes, she ate pizza 2 days after)

We were finally released on Tuesday morning(5 days later)

(she loved her princess balloons)

Lo could not get off the oxygen....she would dip way down when she was sleeping(sometimes way down in the 70's) She has something called Arnold Chiari Malformation II and her pulmonary doctors are thinking that thi is why the swelling wasn't going down, making it harder for her to come off the O2....also they did a chest x-ray and think that she is aspirating liquids(they are going into her lungs) so we are thickening her liquids right now until she has a swallow study on the 20th! Let me tell ya, that's a huge pain in the rear, but worth it to keep her safe!!

So we were released Tuesday morning after a night without needing O2, we drove south 20 minutes to pick up Bug then drove an hour back up to our house, through some tubs of clothes into our vehicles and drove 2.5 hours south to my moms house where we will be living for the next couple of months untill we find a house.....crazy day....Our big move is this upcoming weekend!! I will be glad to have it done!

(Lo playing Cootie, which we now totally made her feel better)

Thanks for all your prayers


Susan said...

Hope Lo continues to improve and that the swallow study goes well. She looks so sweet in those pics.

My2Gs said...

Logan's hair is too cute like that! Bummed that we couldn't hook up this weekend. When are you guys coming up to get everything else?

Vaughn Family Blog said...

glad you're back to the bloggin world lady!! i love the pic with her hair in two ponytails on her head...adorable!!

$5 Dinner Mom said...

HI! I found you from a mutual friend on Twitter,@my2gs. Thought I'd introduce myself. I've got 2 boys with ACM. I tweeted about one of their MRIs tomorrow and she told me about you guys! I live in Dayton and do all our medical stuff in cincy. We should meet up sometime!

:) Erin