Thursday, March 5, 2009


Ok, so life is going pretty well right now.....We are moving all of our stuff this weekend(not too excited about all that work) BUt it has to get done. We have been living with my mom for a couple of weeks now, and everythings going great! I am really going to like living here! I love the church we are going to, and we are getting really involved in it. We joined a small group, and Cory might be joining the mens softball team. I hope he does cause he is a great player and he loves it! I would love to join the women's team, but with a nursing baby I' not to sure about that!! We have been visiting with our good friends who live near here. He is the Childrens Minister at the church we are attending. It has been great! We are going to be getting together every Tuesday and just hanging out. I am also enjoying being near my family. I haven't lived by them in 10 years!! I'm sure it's nice for my mom to be near her grandbabies too!!

I am starting my very own Children's Shoe line also! We have been working with a big designer, and it's almost time to get the sample made!! Sometimes I still cannot believe that this is happening. I feel like God has led us to this! I have such a passion for it and my daughter who is my muse!! After getting samples made it will be time to market them! I hope it all goes well. I still have so much to do with setting up the business....opening my online boutique, getting organized with receipts, invoices, boxes, etc....There is so much to do!! But I will be working from home and doing something good! What a feeling I have!!! I will have to learn how to balance work and family, because they are still my 1st priority! I need to spend more time with the hubby too!! Too many people focus all their attention on their kids, and give nothing to their spouse! I am guilty of doing this at times, and it's just not good for our marriage. I have always felt that Cory and I have something very special, and I don't want that to go away....So that is my current prayer for myself!

Still so much to be done...and here I am blogging....a girl has to have her hobbies too right?? At least it's a free hobby..unlike something say........HUNTING!!! Oh, and I cannot wait for warmer weather so we can go fishing!! I love fishing and can't wait for my dad to take my girls(they got poles for their birthday, which they wanted!!)

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