Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Little "Omi" is....

My little baby is growing so fast! She is 9 months already!!(Well she was on the 9th of March, I'm just a little behind in posting this)

She does soooo many things already:

She says mama, dada, dog, and I think her version of Bug's name!

She can now wave,crawl,play, pull to stand,and many other cute things

She has 4 teeth, and is currently getting another top one...thanks goodness I'm only nursing her for 3 more months! She has bit me several time, and sometimes uses her teeth when she latches on...ouch!!

She is still my ray of sunshine!! She is always so pleasant, and doesn't cry when going into the nursery, or when I want to run to the store for an hour!! She madly loves her big sisters, and think they were put here to entertain her!! She loves our dogs, and laughs at them all the time!! She is all over ticklish! She is my sweet baby girl!!


Susan said...

She is adorable!

Vaughn Family Blog said...

she definitely is a sweet baby girl :))