Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Two for Tuesday!

Little Lo got new braces!! The old braces didn't match and she was growing out of them. She has an AFO(ankle foot orthotic) on 1 leg and a KAFO(knee....) on the other! She is excited cause they are both blue w/ butterflies and blue is her favorite obsession, I mean color!! So here she is showing them off!

Here is a great, yummy, healthy recipe for you to try!!

Mediterranean Chicken w/Couscous!

3-4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts

bunch of green onions

red bell pepper

garlic powder

red wine vinegar

box of couscous
Ok, so I don't cook this using measurements, so bear with me....
!st, boil the chicken in water till cooked...
While that is cooking, dice green onions, and pepper and put in a microwaveable bowl. Put a couple shakes of garlic powder and red wine vinegar on top. Cover with plastic wrap and micro for about 4 minutes or until soft. Set box of couscous up to cook as directed on box, I like to buy the Parmesan kind:) When chicken is done and diced and couscous is done put them in bowl with cooked veggies....mix them all together and shake on some more red wine vinegar...micro for another couple minutes and enjoy. We like to make some steamed broccoli to eat with it, and I end up mixing it all up!! It's very good!!!

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Vaughn Family Blog said...

she is adorable...i see what you mean about the shoes though. keep up your efforts