Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday Random Picture Challenge 3.0

I am takig part in 4 Little Men's Saturday bloggy carnival! Today's random pic comes from My August 2007 photo file the 30th picture! (hope it's a good one)

This pic was taken at our friends' parents house. They had come in for a visit from North Carolina, so we went to see them. They had a new baby in July! There are 4 different families that are friends and these are our kids...actually at the time of this pic 2 kids are missing(but they were both newborns...From L-R Grace(my girls' best friend) Bug, Cole, and Lo..

We all had kids at the same time..Grace was born 1st, 2 weeks later came Cole, then 2 weeks later came my two! Cole's brother, and Grace's brother are also 1 month apart...(I didn't take part in that one(grin) I already had 2)

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Abby said...

What a cute little group!