Monday, February 2, 2009're it!'re it!!!
In the world of blogging, being tagged means that one of your blogging buddies has petitioned you to participate in an ongoing blog post and you have the responsibility of "paying it forward" and inviting several of your blogging buddies to do the same.

The idea behind this tag is to find out more about our blogging buddies by having them list/describe/fabricate 20 random things about themselves that we don't otherwise know from reading their blog.
Here are the official rules:
create a list of 20 random things about yourself, link back to the blog that tagged you, tag 20 new folks by linking to them in your post, then leave a comment on each of their blogs letting them know they've been tagged!

20 Random things about Kristan:

1. I just did this on facebook, so maybe I can copy some of them!

2.I have an associates degree in Recreation and Wildlife with my major as Backcountry Horsemanship......umm yeah!

3. I originally went to college for Nursing, and I later went back to be an Ultrasound tech, but we moved and there weren't any schools near us for that program :(

4. I grew up in the Church of Christ, and was baptized the same day as my older sister(Halloween, 1992)

5. I have 2 sisters and a brother, I am second in command!

6. I love silly teeny bopper shows, like One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, then also Private Practice, Grey's...I just love TV in general!!

7. I am a competitive person..I have always loved sports, and can't wait for it to get warmer so Cory and I can go out and do things outside..

8. I can be a tomboy and a girly girl..I love to dress up, but yet love to camp and fish, and hike!

9. I do not have a green thumb...I really wish I did, but I just don't!

10. I love love love to cook for my family!

11. I have never been outside of the US, but I hope to someday!

12. I was born with a heart defect and had to have open heart surgery when I was two..

13. I don't get it when people tell me they don't have email....

14. I am a coffee addict! I love it anytime of the day!

15. I am a sucker for a really good brownie, and I think I make some darn good ones!!

16. I am going to learn how to can veggies this year, I am sharing a garden with my little sis

17. I hope to start a children's shoe line soon!

18. My daughter was born with Spina Bifida, Hydrocephalus, and Chiari II, and it has made me a more compassionate, tough, faithful person...I hate it, but I wouldn't trade my daughter for anything

19. My hubby looks really hot that made ya perk up!!

20. I am such a goof ball....alot of people don't see my really goofy side...I would really embarrass myself!!


I'm tagging.....

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Vaughn Family Blog said...

i love how everyone that i tagged, copied and pasted my post on their blog as if it was part of the wording of the tag. i made those two first paragraphs, but all good that is was fitting for everyone. good post, thanks for participating