Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Wow..it has been a week already since my tiny miracle nephew was born. He came into this world when he shouldn't have. The doctors said he had a 30-40% chance of making it 48 hours. He.is.a.week.old. The power of God is amazing!

He is doing well. He is 1lb 14oz, regulating his own body temp, no vent, having bowel movements, among other things. On the not so good he is having regular apnea spells and has a heart murmur. They will do a head CT tomorrow to check out his brain. I love him so much already. When I touched his tiny hand for the first time I cried. My sister is so strong. She is pumping every 2 hours just so he can have what's best for him(and every other baby) breastmilk. I am so proud of her, she has been pumping like crazy when other women wouldn't have even tried. She is a true mama!! I can't wait to hold him.
I am trying my best to support her and visit with her, and do anything and everything that I can for her. We(my husband and I) know what it's like to be in this situation. Logie was in the NICU for 10 days after birth and then the PICU for a month when she was 3 months old. It was a VERY hard time for us and we found out the hard way about people supporting you. So I don't care if I smother her with my love, she will know that I am here for her for whatever she needs! I often joke that if I am your friend/family I will smother you with love! I don't think that's a bad thing!

So I guess I am praying for different things than other folks. I am praying for her mental/emotional strength cause she needs it to get through all of this. It is going to be a long road for them. Of course I pray everynight that God will wrap his loving protecting arms around Liam and make him stronger everyday!! His name means Warrior and that's just what he is!! Feel free to add them to your prayers!! I will post some pics of Liam on here so you can see just how adorable he is too!!!!!! Thanks for letting me ramble!! Of course who am I thanking? This is my blog and I can ramble if I want!!


HennHouse said...

I am so glad you are smothering your sister with love... we are experiencing that very thing right now with our youngest in the hospital for more than three weeks so far. Keep asking what you can do. Keep doing what she doesn't ask for... in the end, the "smothering" makes a HUGE difference.

And I can't wait for you to hold your nephew either.

Goldylocks aka Erin said...

Yes yes..smother away! My boys were in the NICU for 28 and 31 days. Besides family taking me to and from the hospital, that was pretty much it.

It would have been nice if someone brought lunch, or hung out with me during all those hours that you can't hold your baby, or even went to my house and did a few things for me there while I was away all day.

You are a great Aunt, and your nephew is beautiful!

I will continue to keep him in my prayers.

Julie Seibert said...

He is so amazing - I hear your mom talk about him every chance she gets (We work together)! Lizzy is so strong and doing such a great job! I think and pray for Lizzy, Liam and Josh everyday - I hope you don't mind I read your blog...just wanted to check up on him. :-)