Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Meaning Of Life...

What is the meaning of Life?

~to reflect the image of God
~to seek to please HIM and not me
~to do HIS will and not mine
~to complete the work he gave me to do....

this is becoming my meaning of Life. This is how I hope to live my life.
I am learning to "be content"....that is a hard one for me. They say the grass is always greener...but I say "I am content". It doesn't mean that I am settling. Being content has more to do with loving the Lord with all your heart than, just being okay with your situation. I am loving life more these days than all of last year combined. I am happier this very minute than I can remember being in a long time. I have been ridding my body of toxic things...and filling it with more Holy things.
I am "content".

What is the meaning of your life?? Are you content?


Trish said...

Great post Kristan! I am be content with my life. To be closer to God and not be so attached to worldly things. To focus on relationships with others and my relationship with God. Its not truly is a new way of living. But honostly, it does feel better. Some days are easier than others. (I tend to lose focus on hectic, stressful days). Being with and talking with encouraging friends/family helps to bring me back in focus. Reading posts like this one does too. Thanks! :)

Jennifer Chamberlin said...

Hello ~
I saw the link to your blog in Su's email. My family are members of the local SBA here in Cincy and the young families group. LOVE love LOVE your blog. It makes me want to start my own! Your page is so cheery - love teh polka dots! All the best ~ Jennifer (with Nicholas, SB, Age 8)