Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Part 2!

So on Saturday we got invited to my hubby's boss' house to hang out. His boss is also his friend, so it was a no pressure type of situation. Just hanging out with him and his wife Monica who I just adore. They live about 45 minutes from us, and the girls were excited about helping pass out candy there. Earlier in the day the girls talked about switching costumes, which I thought was a fun idea, and glad they came up with it on their own! So Lo was Sleeping Beauty, and Bug wanted to use her Mulan dress up and go as that! They had fun switching!!

So we got there and decided to take the girls TorT down 1 street. They walked through a little blowup haunted house, and had a ball looking at all the costumes. The folks in this town really did it up! Each house in the subdivision had a fire pit and food. It is great to see neighbors being so neighborly!!

When we came back the girls helped pass out candy which was a good experience for them. It's nice to teach our children that while it's great fun to "get" candy, it's also great fun to "give" it as well!! They loved it!!! We hung out at the fire pit and talked til 2 of our girls were snoring! It was a really nice evening spent with friends!!

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Susan said...

Sounds like great fun.