Monday, June 8, 2009

it's been a while...

Ok, by the lack of posts I have done lately, I think that shows I have been a little busy! My sister is on her way to her new home in the state of Washington!(moving from Ohio) They spent last weekend here before they made their trek there! They are currently in South Dakota, they wil be stopping to see Mout Rushmore today! I am very close with my sister, she is my best friend and I am going to miss seeing her and my nephews!!! My girls love their cousins soo much, and I still cannot believe they are gone! We are getting a webcam so we can talk and see each other. Plus Em has to see my baby girl so she will always know who she is when she see's her!

Last Saturday we had a going away party with my moms side of the family. It was a great night for a cookout, except for the tornado's that hit close by of course :) This is Bug and Lo riding in the buggy with my cousins wife Diane! They all had a blast!

And here are what we like to call the triplets! Lo,Caden(my nephew) and Bug holding Na Na. They get into soooo much trouble together i.e cutting Lo's hair painting each other with red nail polish, I could go on with this list!! They fight like they are siblings!

This is my cute nephew Ethan! He is sooo funny, and he is Kayli's favorite(in her words, becuase Caden bites her) My hubby wants to send him the the Buckeye footbal camp next summer!

On another hand I cannot wait to fly to Washington and visit! I haven't been past Colorado and really would like to visit! But with the prices of flights and having to fly a family of four(baby girl is still free) I don't see it happening too soon!! Oh well, a girl can dream right??

This was our trip to the Cincy zoo last Monday! It was a perfect day! They fed giraffe's and pet a penguin! I miss them already!!

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Jan said...

You can tell they were really loving that buggy ride! Cute pictures!